So “breaking in” day 3 didn’t exactly go according to plan. The pair of heels in question apparently has a stronger will than mine. Another internet suggestion was to apply steam to the shoes to help soften them up. I’m not 100% sure but I felt that steam + satin = not a great idea. So I skipped that step and just decided to go plain and just put the shoes on.

For all of the lotion of the previous day and sock wearing of the day before that, for all my feet could tell these shoes had just come hot off the shoe making conveyor belt. I wore them as long as it took to make breakfast (which was a banana) and then opted to step into the pair of shoes you see above and go for a walk.

One thing I’m starting to really come to understand is that a half-size makes a world of difference. In trying to decide which pairs of shoes I wanted to work on breaking in, I’ve tried on and walked around in all of my shoes and I have two pair of properly broken in heels (one of which is the pair I mentioned in this post). Both of my properly worn pairs are a size 6 and a half, and the pair I’m dealing with now is a 6. I’ve said all along that getting the correct fit down is important step #1 and so it may very well be that this adorable pair of shoes is giving me trouble not only because it needs breaking in, but also because it’s too small.  I will keep trying for a solid seven days and then we will decide one way or another at the end.

As for my walk yesterday, that was very comfortable! That is until a storm started rolling in and my little dog, who’d been all for it when we left the house decided that she was not thrilled about the thunder, or the prospect of getting her paws wet. =/