As promised, I’m updating with my heel-breaking-in progress. I don’t feel like I’m quite justified in calling it progress just yet, as I’ve only just begun, but every little effort counts… I think.

My first pair for break-in drills are a lovely pair of Guess satin peep-toes I was lucky enough to find in the clearance area of DSW (the clearance area of DSW and I are on very friendly terms). I absolutely adore these shoes. I feel very elegant and feminine in them, and they also look really good on my feet. They are the sort that fit perfectly but after an hour of wear start to feel a little snug around the ball of my foot. This is the area they just need to stretch a bit for my feet.

I decided to start with the internet-suggested method of wearing a thick pair of socks with them in order to help stretch them and make it easier on my feet.  After having looked at this picture for a while I’m almost certain I’ve seen people wearing shoes like this with thick socks out in public. Maybe they were trying to break in their shoes too?

I don’t know if my socks were too thick, or what, but wearing the socks did not make the work of breaking in the heels any more comfortable, in fact it did the opposite. Maybe this only works if you buy shoes too big for you. Where without socks my foot fit into the shoe like Cinderella and her glass slipper, the socks made me feel like a step sister trying to cram her foot in. I was able to get the shoes on, but it felt like they had been stuffed in and it wasn’t a good feeling.

I got in an hour of wear on this round, which isn’t enough to really break a pair of practically brand new heels, so later today I’ll be going for round 2. =)