Since my last post (what 2 hours ago?) I started pulling things out of my closet that I felt would start my wardrobe for next month off so that I’d have a clearer and more realistic vision of what I needed to actually shop for.

The biggest part of my useable wardrobe is shoes… which I think is a good thing because good shoes are hard to shop for on a budget and not exactly easy to substitute. Fortunately I’ve purchased the shoes I have carefully over some time, and just haven’t been able to wear them much.  The trick there is that now they all really need to be broken in if I seriously intend to wear them next month.

Thus began my internet search: what is the best way to break in heels? There are people who say that it can’t be done, that heels will only hurt more the longer you wear them, but I have a hard time believing that. I work with one girl who stands all day in heels and another who doesn’t wear them at work, but the rest of the time she isn’t seen without them. Surely neither of these women, both of whom I respect a good deal, would be choosing to torture themselves. So I’m forced to believe that the advice that says it’s possible to break them in has to be correct and this is what I’m going to be doing over the next several weeks along with my shopping challenge.

So far the advice I’ve read has been to wear them at home while you’re doing something (and by doing something I mean laundry, dishes, vacuuming, dusting, not watching tv or reading a book). Make sure to bend and stretch as much as possible because you want to stretch the shoe until it’s molded to your foot. Another blog suggested doing the above while wearing thick socks with the heels.  I’m going to keep searching for advice and trying different approaches. I’ll, of course, update with my findings. =)