Courtney Cox in a casual blazer

The month of May is a busy month in preparation for the even busier month of June. I have to tie up some lose ends at work before I transfer stores and I have to shop. That’s right, I said I have to shop.

This is distinctly different than the more common want to shop. This is shopping that is a necessity and often panic inducing/heartbreaking.

You see in June I’ll be taking a trip and then directly following I’ll be in training that requires me to be in what basically amounts to business casual clothing for an entire month, when I’m used to spending 90% of my time in work required black pants and black t-shirt.

Sadly, over the years of being with this company, my personal wardrobe has divided it’s self into exactly three categories: Casual/home, work, and going out.  Obviously the casual category is too casual for my up-coming needs, the work category would be awkward in both places, and the going out category… well, it’s inappropriate, let’s leave it at that. So I have between now and May 7th to gather some pieces (on a budget) that I can merge with my other dress categories to hopefully come out with something that looks presentable. Before I start sounding too fashionably-hadicaped I’d like to mention that I do have some workable pieces, just not enough to amount to a month solid wardrobe.

What you can expect out of this venture is as follows:

  • Lot’s of whining about what I’m not able to find.
  • Groaning over having to shop for pants (which if you’ve been with me from the beginning of this blog you know I hate… short+curvy+pants= asldkakpwoeif!!@>!>! !@!)
  • Shopping on a real budget, as in I’ll be shopping at Target, Ross, TJ Max, and looking at sale items in all of those places.

At this point there’s only one thing I know for sure that I’m looking for and that is something similar to the blazer worn by Courtney Cox in the picture above.  In the first part of June I’ll be in North Carolina and then the rest of June I’ll be in a conference room. I’m already cold most of the time anyway, but both of these things make it absolutely sure that I will be chilly, therefore it’s necessary that the pieces I get for June’s wardrobe are layerable and multi-functional. I figured this is the perfect time to find a blazer on a budget because it’s about to be summer and it seems the prices should be lower since they’re out of season. So far I’ve checked Ross and unfortunately found absolutely nothing. So the hunt continues, I’ll keep you posted.