Yesterday over lunch a co-worker and came across a list of six trends that woman apparently LOVE and men can’t stand. Naturally I thought I would share the list here and put it up for discussion… a few of these things (honestly all but one) kind of make me smirk a little because they’re trends I’m pretty sure I’ve put through the wringer a few times here myself.

"The shoe equivalent of a potato sack."

#1. Uggs

Sadly, the picture to the left of Pamela Lee Anderson wearing Uggs with her Bay Watch gear isn’t the most absurd Ugg wearing I’ve ever seen, and according to the yahoo poll, men think that all Ugg appearances are absurd.

Whatever the fashion statement is supposed to be with this trend, it’s completely lost on guys. Male logic finds Uggs to be out of place in 90% of situations where they are being worn and extremely unattractive. One man was quoted calling Uggs the “shoe equivalent of a potato sack”.

I tend to agree with the guys on this one… I’ve never understood the appeal when it came to Uggs… especially with shorts. It seems they have replaced flip flops as the ultimate shoe of comfort for warm weather, which I find extremely confusing because they are hard to get off and I would think make your feet sweat.


"Onsies are for babies"

Next up… #2 Jumpsuits

The Yahoo poll reported that men hate jumpsuits and think they look stupid.  I can’t say that I understand how they look stupid, however, I am as equally opposed to them, nonetheless.

This is one spot on the list I would really like to hear a man’s explanation. I know my reasons for being anti-jumpsuit, but I just can’t quite sort out what guys have against them, so much so that they would vote them second most hated.

I feel very strongly that no grown woman should have to completely undress in order to use the restroom. Also, this is one of those trends that can’t be tweaked to look good on various body types. It pretty much just looks good on one, which means the vast majority of people wearing them, shouldn’t be.



#3. Red Lips

Why do men hate this iconic look? Apparently because it’s messy and a kissing turn-off.

This is one that stumps me a little because while I really don’t often enjoy wearing red lips myself, I always figured there was some part of the male mind that found it classically sexy.

Perhaps this should become the stable lip look for those hoping to avoid being kissed?



These don't even deserve a caption.

#4. Harem Pants

Feeling such strong feelings of disgust for this particular trend myself, I can only say bravo to the men polled by Yahoo for voting this bad boy down.

There’s not a corner of my mind that can justify the designing and wearing of harem pants, if you can think of one, PLEASE, I invite you to enlighten me to their genius. I don’t get them and if you’re hoping to attract someone of the opposite sex it might be wise to avoid them… unless he just happens to be looking for someone to help him shop-lift turkey.



"All I see is a big bug coming at me"

#5. Big Sunglasses

Yahoo’s poll reported that when men encounter women wearing these stylish big sunglasses, all they see is a giant bug coming at them.

While I suppose I can understand that and agree that some pairs are a bit insect-y, I love my big sunglasses and I will probably never give them up.  I’m sorry gentlemen, but you just can’t argue with Audrey Hepburn and I’m afraid this is a trend woman wanting to feel just a little glamourous will always follow.

Having said that, I do wish that they would stop just getting bigger and bigger. There is a line where it becomes a little ridiculous. I mean, if you need that much shade from the sun, invest in a parasol .




Last, but not least… #6. Socks with Sandals

This is a new trend that I’ve just barely encountered. I would never ever ever ever ever wear socks with sandals, I can say that with complete confidence knowing that I would feel ten kinds of stupid if I did. However, sitting here looking at this picture, I can’t deny that on this particular model with this particular outfit, it looks kind of cute.  It hurts my brain because wearing socks with sandals is so so so so wrong.

When polled men said they hate this trend because it looks as though the girl didn’t know how to dress herself.  They also said beyond just not making any sense at all (in the same way that Uggs with shorts don’t make sense) that it’s just plain ugly.


So there you have it… were any of your favorite trends on this list? Would you like to add to the list? Or perhaps should we ladies form our own most hated male trends list (oooohhhh I just thought of at least 3 things)?