BLONDEWell let me introduce you to one of the right ones! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, after a year of being a brunette, the time has come for me to return to my roots. =)

The blonde is back… maybe it’s the fact that I just turned 30, maybe it’s the patch of 6 gray hairs I found, or it could also have a lot to do with the fact that summer is coming and my hair fades something awful when I’m in the sun ( and I plan on being in the sun)(a reasonable amount of course).

It’s not quite finished yet. My awesome hair-tech, Analysa and I have a plan and this is only the first stage. Coming in the next stage there will be some low and highlights and a cut, nothing too drastic, just some layers.  This new hair has given me a whole new appreciation and love for hair masks. The best so far; the Ojon Restorative Treatment.

Speaking of being 30… Apparently being 30 means I’m flirtier than I was was at 29.