The deadly Gator Bowl

Now that it’s official I’ll make a few quick comments on how I feel about being thirty.

– I miss my mom more than I can stand at some moments and there were a lot of those moments today. It seems unimaginable that the woman who brought me into this world isn’t here to see me turn 30 and to tell me that it’s ok that I haven’t done many of the things in life that I want to do yet.

-That being said, I’m sure from where she is she saw more than I’m probably comfortable with or even realize  and for the truly horrible mid- gator bowl dance I was forced to perform in front of an entire restaurant, I feel I must apologize.

– Next up, I have two focuses for the next 364 days before I turn thirty-one. First, I will find joy in life, this is for my dad who’s encouragement I treasure. Second, I will live harder. Up until this point, in many ways, life has just been hard and now, on my thirtieth birthday, I’m turning the tables.

– Last… I believe  that I should be the next bachelorette.

The end.