Five-year-old Guess pumps.

…My love, leave yourself behind
Beat inside me, leave you blind
My love, you have found peace
You were searching for release…

Tonight I’m packing my shoes, which is another single task that takes a great deal of time. ¬†Given the nature of my retail job, I don’t get a chance to wear my fancy shoes as much as I’d like. I’ve resolved that I will find reasons to wear them in the near future. =)

This particular pair on the left are my favorites. They’re the first pair of Guess heels I ever owned (I particularly like and am comfortable in Guess heels), they are broken in in a way that makes wearing them as easy as wearing my trainers… this used to be the reason that they are my favorites, but it’s not the reason anymore.

It’s funny the things we attach memories to… the last time I wore this pair of shoes was almost two and a half years ago on a rainy day in September at Our Lady Of The Rosary Cemetery. That was the day we buried my dear friends newborn son. I stood next to my mom who sat on her scooter (my mom used a motorized wheelchair most of my life), it was chilly out and she was wearing her big (fake) fur coat. My shoes started to sink in the mud and I’d had the foresight to stow a pair of flats in my purse and ended up slipping them on and sticking my muddy heels on the back of her scooter. Mom never realized when we put stuff on the back of her scooter (my siblings and I had a habit of sticking anything we didn’t feel like carrying back there), but when she finally saw my dirty shoes there, she’d gotten mad at me for getting mud on her chair… The shoes still have mud on the bottom that I can’t get off.

This is the special monument that stands at the center of Our Lady...

It’s strange to think back on that time now and know that the very next September I’d be standing just a few yards away burying my mom.

This five-year-old pair of dirty, worn, Guess heels are my favorites because they remind me of a very precious baby boy and the sound of my mothers voice when she would fuss at one of us for dropping things on her and remind us that she wasn’t a “pack mule”. As reasons go to “love” a pair of shoes, I think this is a pretty decent one.

=) I’m not a hoarder and someday I’ll have to get rid of these shoes (I’ll let them get a little more worn first), and maybe it’s silly to attache so much feeling to something so insignificant, but now, when I do have to let them go, I’ll have this blog entry to preserve the memory.