This morning's to-do list... there's one everyday.

It’s officially eight days until I move and I am stressed out… I have a million things going on right now, and in the midst of that, all of my stuff is out of place and in boxes. Hooray!

I hate packing… I just can’t relax with everything out of place, but unfortunately it’s a necessary evil, so I’ve been working at it.

Next Tuesday Kristin,  Kaylan, Sarah and I will be starting the moving party from old apartment to new and according to my youngest sister, Kaylan, they will be carrying boxes, not filling them. Kaylan’s a dear. =)

With my work schedule as it is, I’ve been having to really map out what I’m going to pack and when. So far so good though, everything seems to be moving right along.

I started with my makeup, which took an entire afternoon all on it’s own, then I moved on to decorative items and books, of which I have many. This afternoon I packed the kitchen.  Yay me!

One man's trash is another man's treasure?

In other news… This evening, I’m ashamed to admit, I went dumpster diving, something I’ve never done before in my life.

After having spent a very productive day cleaning and packing Bonka and I walked the trash to the dumpster and to my shock/horror/great delight found these two bar stools in pretty much perfect condition.

Now, I’m not one for digging through trash… in fact, I usually only stand as close to it as is required to swing and throw my trash inside.  When I tell you that I actually had to not only get near the dumpster, but almost inside it, you must understand how badly I wanted to rescue these stools.

It wasn’t an easy task, let me tell you, and the thought that someone might drive past or come with their trash and catch me in the act absolutely mortified me. Once I’d decided that I couldn’t leave them there, I formed a stealthy plan. The dumpster door facing the parking lot was lower than the one around the other side, but I decided to take my chances with the higher door in exchange for less chance of being seen. After having gotten the door slid open, I had to climb the side of the dumpster and balance myself perched half on the door, half on some stacked trash.

After lassoing the legs of one bar stool at a time with my reusable grocery bag and dragging the stools out, I hid them on the back side of the dumpster and ran to get my car, not wanting to make the walk of shame back to my apartment, dumpster bar stools in tow.

I feel both deeply ashamed of myself and like I’ve found gold… =)

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