I believe I’ve been a reasonably good girl this year, enough to at least deserve one of these for Christmas (perhaps rolled up in my stocking? It would take up lots of room which would mean it would require less filling).

On a (slightly) more serious note, I  think this shirt is freakin’ cute.  I loved the Ninja Turtles when I was younger and kind of had a crush on one of them… oddly, I mean, they are turtles. Yeah, let’s not try to figure that one out.

If you are like me, and have a weird obsession with reptiles involved in martial arts, this particular shirt can be found on Amazon, and would make a fun stocking stuffer. Generally I find that the best stocking stuffers are those that indulge people’s odd interests, so try being creative this year and get your friends and family something fun and unexpected!

*Not much of an online shopper? There’s a fantastic assortment (including the Ninja Turtles) of random t-shirts at Hot Topic and while I normally don’t encourage people to blow their money in a store that leads all of it’s shoppers to believe that they are an “80’s kid” no matter when they were born, during this time of year it’s permissible. =)