My entire life my mom was fit to be tied if the Christmas tree wasn’t up before Thanksgiving and to say that this vexed me would be quite an understatement. Christmas decorating around my family home was a huge undertaking because Mom loved to decorate so much. There were boxes that had to be pulled out of the big closet, then sorted through, and then things had to be put up… and every year it seemed she wanted everything in a new place. Some years this would cause a full-blown war between she and I and I would swear that when I had my own home that I would be hard pressed to agree to decorating at the beginning of December, much less, November. Since leaving her house I’ve only had a Christmas tree once… and that was because she gave it to me.  Go ahead and call me scrooge, you know you want to.

Ah, but how things change…

This year, in Mom’s absence, I’ve hardly been able to keep myself from wandering down the Christmas isle in Target and I find that the Christmas music so early in the season doesn’t bother me as much as it used to.  Oh Mom, I can hear your I-told-you-so laughter from here.

My project for today was to go find a small fake tree… small and fake because I’m not ready for something big and real yet in the spall space I live in, maybe I’ll move towards something more legit next year, we’ll see. In her motherly wisdom, Mom got each of her children ornaments every year since we were born, so that when we were adults we’d have a full set that were special. Mine are all stars with a very few, and special exceptions that were gifts from people over the years.

Below is  my finished work, Mom I hope you’re proud (even though my tree is green tinsel, which I know you’d hate, but that is Katie-style)!