NARS eyeshadow base

I believe I’ve tried every eyeshadow primer under the sun and for the most part they all seemed to work about the same with very few qualities to distinguish themselves, one from the other… that is, until I met the NARS eyeshadow base.

NARS eyeshadow base does not play, folks! It stands alone as the most long wearing shadow primer I’ve ever used since I started using them. In fact, it’s so hardcore, without the proper eye makeup remover, I can promise you that you will have trouble getting your shadow to come off!

This is especially good news for NARS eye shadow. If you’re at all familiar with the NARS shadows, then you’ve encountered the troubles with the pigments staying put, but those days are gone ladies and gentlemen. You are now free to enjoy rich NARS pigment without fear of it creasing, sliding, disappearing, not sticking to begin with!

I would recommend this primer with any shadow, but it’s a must with NARS shadows.