I wanted to take a moment for this tip this given that it’s something I forget about myself, but that really makes a huge difference in the comfort and look of false lashes.

I know everyone who talks about applying false lashes always mentions trimming lashes before wearing them, but it’s something I rarely see people do, and I can admit, it’s something that I over look a lot of the time myself.

I want to keep this simple so I’m not going to spend ages explaining it, here’s what it boils down to:

  • False lash strips are made long to fit a variety of eye shapes.
  • Trimming them doesn’t have to be rocket science, usually, unless you have tiny eyes, just a little snip off will do it.
  • Always trim lashes from the outside and not the portion that goes in the inner corner of your eye (those lash hairs are usually made shorter and trimming that end could ruin the shape of the lash).
  • Be sure to measure the second lash to the one you cut first.
  • Trimming the lashes will keep them from looking heavy on your lid in a way that makes the outer portion of your eye seem to sag.
  • Trimming makes the lashes more comfortable to wear as nothing is poking the corners of your eyes.
  • Trimming makes lashes easier to apply.
  • Trimming rules apply to basic lashes and not to costume lashes.