Mmm fresh coffee, and it's fancy!

While at home the last several days my youngest sister, Kaylan, arranged for some of us to meet for breakfast at this charming little restaurant in downtown Round Rock called Friar Tuck’s pantry.

The place was absolutely adorable! It was quiet and cozy inside with dark wood floors and shelving and neatly arranged chairs and tables. It’s the type of place that you desperately hope that it gets enough business, but not so much that it isn’t just as quiet and comfortable as it is right now, all the time.

Geniusly, in the back there was an area for families with small children to sit and enjoy their food while their children played at a kids table with a little kitchen and other toys to entertain them.

My sister’s kids made a bee-line for the kids area and we didn’t hear a peep out of them the entire time!

The coffee bar

The coffee was amazing, there was so much to be excited about in this little place that I was having a hard time paying attention to details, but I believe it was french press. It was so good that it felt a little criminal to sweeten it (with cute little sugar cubes) and add cream.  The taste was brilliant, rich and inviting. I’m really going to miss that coffee here in dallas.

The breakfast menu is small, but you’re not left with the feeling that something’s missing, instead it’s difficult to choose what to have.  Kaylan had visited the place for lunch the day before and she said that the lunch menu was just as lovely.

We really had a wonderful time, so if you are in the area, make an effort to stop by, it will be worth it, I promise!