Snowy Lashes!

I have been working on learning some graphic stuff so that I can put together a series of beginner posts, which I think I’ve mentioned before. Until then you can pretty much count on my posts being about what I’m doing outside of that project… which is a lot of makeup.

The Holidays are officially upon us in the retail world, the decorations are up, the music is playing (sadly) and you better believe from here on out the look is going to be all things festive and merry.

In spite of the 60 degree weather, today was scarf day in Makeup Land and since there was zero chance of snow on the ground, I decided to do my best to look like I had it on my face. One of my Christmas wishes is for a new camera so that I can post pictures that do a better job of representing the work done. You can’t really see the glitter very well in that photo, but you can see the lashes (one of the pair from my last post) and they are spectacular!