The Hunger Games- Book 1 of 3

At almost 30-years-old I’ve apparently become a fan of teen fiction. I blame this partially on the last couple years difficulties and an extraordinary need to preoccupy my mind with much simpler things.

Twilight, of course, started the movement for me. What else, right? Don’t give me attitude about it either. I’m not saying it’s a masterpiece, but that I find peace in reading it, which is of a great deal more importance to me. It’s unrealistic, horribly edited, teaches young girls to expect things from men that they will likely never find in “real life”, and it’s indulgent… so I indulge.

Fortunately with The Hunger Games, written by Susanne Collins,  I don’t have to offer excuses for why an intelligent adult would bother with it. It’s a compelling story and decently written… maybe even better than decently. Keep in mind that the writing style is simple given that it’s audience is young (not that that’s required, simply understandable). I believe if The Hunger Games were written for an adult audience that the writing might be a bit heartier, and possibly more gory.

I realize I’m not giving away any of the plot, at all, but that you can find out for yourself. If you’re in the mood for a bit of good story telling, check it out.