One of the most common problems I am asked to address is that women have issues with their makeup staying on all day… I can’t say I honestly know how to answer this question or what to tell people to do differently, I’m stumped, my makeup stays on.

The first picture (above) is my makeup today at 11am, the second picture is my makeup at 11pm with zero touch ups, not even on my lips. I even at a meal somewhere in there. I can only imagine that it must be that I touch my face less than the average person and I’m a very careful eater?

The third picture is my clean face, for a clear reference of what my face looks like with no makeup. =)

So my suggestions for keeping it on-

  1. Wear liquid foundation and set it with powder- for some reason people seem to think there’s something evil about liquid foundation and it’s going to make them instantly break out. I promise you, if you’re taking care of your skin, most likely you have NOTHING to worry about. Liquid set with powder stays on better than just powder.
  2. Don’t touch your face.
  3. Invest in good complexion products.
  4. Sure, go ahead and get a good primer (I don’t use one personally, but if you’re already having issues with your complexion makeup staying on, then it couldn’t hurt).