NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Black Bean

I’ve seen a lot of buzz lately about these jumbo eye pencils from NYX, so I thought I’d check them out for myself. I originally intended to purchase Black Bean and Milk, but the store I went to was completely out of Milk, they are that popular (thanks YouTube).  So I just had to be satisfied with Black Bean.

While I haven’t tried using this guy all over the lid under shadow (to see if it creases) yet, I have tried it both on my lips and in my water line and had a lot of success in both places.

It didn’t budge from my lips. You can see it in my “Patched Up Doll” look from a couple days before Halloween. I used it to create the little heart shaped pout and I wore it all day, ate, drank, talked up a storm, and it didn’t budge! I never touched it up once. SO that was fantastic, though I will say that I wouldn’t make a habit of wearing eye pencils on your lips (especially in black) because they are pretty drying.

What I liked about it, so far, in the eye area was that it went on like a cream liner, and it did stay very well in the waterline. My only concern with it for eyes is that because it goes on so creamy I fear it will crease if used all over the lid, and because it’s such a fat pencil it’s not really ideal for lining. I suppose I should have waited to try it all over before writing this review, but I was so excited about how it stayed on my lips!

So far, my vote is that it’s totally worth the $3 purchase and I’ll be going back after Milk just as soon as they’re in stock.