I’m going to need Jessica Simpson to try again with her fragrance, “Fancy Nights”. Every time I read the name all I can think is that it sounds like it was designed by Luanne Platter of King Of The Hill.  I know, I know, it’s a sister fragrance to the original Fancy, but come on! Fancy? Really?

Perhaps it would help of Jess took some notes from a few other celebrity fragrance designers:

  • Beyonce- Heat
  • Sarah Jessica Parker: Lovely
  • Fergie: Outspoken
  • Paris Hilton- Tease
  • Britney Spears- Curious

Perfect examples of a single word, only mildly cheesy, celebrity fragrance, let’s move away from this Fancy business, girl!

And I’m very sorry if this post is coming across as extremely bitchy, I don’t mean it to,  I was at work until 2AM, and my judgement may be compromised… a little. =)