Let me just tell you how much fun it was wandering around Target last night after I got off work with this face!  This look was really really simple actually and I enjoyed it more than any other Halloween look I’ve ever done (with the exception of the one for today, which I already know I’m going to have a blast in). I loves me some Halloween!

Fun things to come:

The Halloween girls of Makeup Land-

  • I work with some exceptionally talented women (and men… but so far they haven’t done any Halloween stuff) and so I’m going to be featuring the looks I’ve seen the last couple of days!

Block Party-

  • Apparently this is something you know about if you’re from Dallas and I’m being taken there because apparently it’s something crucial you must experience at least once if you’re going to live here. Being an Austin native and considering the epic nature of Halloween on 6th, I have high expectations Dallas. There will be a full report (and tons of pictures I’m sure) of my experience up tomorrow. =)