MINKEYE lashes with Swarovski crystals


I came across these MINKEYE false lashes while watching this video by Lauren Luke about her recent false lash purchases. Being a connoisseur of lashes myself I was curious about what she’d picked up.

Let me tell you, to say that I was thrilled to see lashes in a beautiful box and featuring Swarovski crystals would be a great understatement.

Fancy, fancy! However, there’s a big downside, these lashes are made of mink. Cruelty free mink, mind you, but really? Mink? Do we really need all that?

Apparently mink is a really big trend right now for celebrity false lash wearers, the MINKEYE website claims Heidi Klum, Lindsey Lohan, and Jennifer Lopez as mink lash fans.

My feeling is that, while I would love the fancy packaging and the crystals, I can live without the fur lashes and I think I’ll stick to my $0.99 beauty supply story lashes, but I’m curious to know what other people think, mink or no mink?