I’m not the biggest fan on lip plumpers. Maybe my lips are more sensitive than most, I don’t know, but every lip plumper I have tried has had little effect with great discomfort! I have a decent sized pucker I guess, so it’s not worth it to me to endure the pain.

The first encounter I ever had with lip plumper was with cult favorite DuWop Lip Venom. I had no idea what it was, a friend put it on me. When it began to “tingle” (see also: burn like the fire of a thousand suns) I found myself without the desire to ever have plumped lips.

I would never have given DuWop’s plumping paste a shot if it had only boasted plumping acting, but fortunately this little gem is also a lip scrub!

I’m not going to lie, it’s still not the most comfortable thing I’ve had on my lips, although the “tingling” is much less intense than the original venom. It does prove to be a great scrub. The texture is almost creamy, much more creamy than a lot of other lip scrubs I’ve tried, but somehow it manages to get the job done without leaving your lips raw. If you are of the pluming persuasion, give this guy a try for a plump and smooth pout!