This year has been a startling year for me in many, many, ways.  So much change, so many hard things…

Halloween is, as we all know, one of my favorite times of year, and usually by now I have 5 costumes in mind and I’m taking every opportunity to put them into action. This year I haven’t really been feeling it, so much has been going on in my life that I’ve been finding myself without the energy for it. I had intended to do my personal version of Alice from Alice in Wonderland, but for some reason the idea just wasn’t really inspiring me at all, but I am pleased to announce that my love for costuming and makeup has finally kicked in that 3 days before Halloween I’ve found the inspiration (with some help from Mr. Grown Up) and I’m excited about it.

No pictures yet, I’m saving all of the details for after I actually wear the costume!