A co-worker of mine suggested I watch some of this youtuber’s videos  and turns out there’s a lot of really useful information and bright ideas here!

Still on the Halloween theme (really, when am I not on a Halloween theme), I found this Poison Ivy/ Wood Nymph look to be refreshingly basic, in spite of it’s extreme effect! In the world of video tutorials, it’s extremely easy to forget, with all of your product knowledge and wide range of product available to you, that a lot of people watching might not know what the heck you’re talking about, even if you’re listing the names of products and brush numbers in the side bar. Some people don’t know what blending, shading, contouring means. Some people have never used anything but a sponge tip eye shadow applicator and feel awkward using one brush, much less the 20 you just listed off to use with the 30 different eye shadows you applied! /end rant

This video keeps things simple, keeps the product count to a minimum, and really is something anyone could do.  Bravo danalajuenesse!