Cute cute cute

I love looking through sales racks, even if I don’t really intend to buy anything, I just love to look just in case there’s some unexpected gem to unearth.

I was recently rummaging through the sales racks at my local Super Target and ran across this lacy baseball tee, I wasn’t completely sure about it, but it was a whopping $3 so I thought it might be worth the risk.

In all honesty, I have serious reservations about taking classically casual looks and trying to dress them up (and vice versa), it just seems kind of pointless. With this particular shirt my only concern was that half the appeal of a baseball tee on a girl is that it isn’t particularly feminine (I believe the same concept applies to girls sleeping in men’s collared button downs, that typical morning-after look) and given how absolutely feminine lace is, I was afraid that it would throw the whole aesthetic, fortunately I don’t think it really does. The top is really cute on! Not really at all in the same way that a regular baseball tee is, but still a good find for 3 bucks! =)