Usually, if I’m being honest, I’m not the biggest fan of cream shadows, not in and of themselves at least. For the most part, if I use them, I use them as a base to enhance a powder shadow and even then I’m very choosy about the cream shadows I’ll use, because in spite of all their promises to the contrary, I find that most of them do crease (ehem, NARS).

With that in mind, it strikes me as a bit ballsy ( that’s right I said ballsy) of Benefit to  name their cream shadows/liners Creaseless Creams, but fortunately these guys are everything they claim to be!

I recently received one of the newer shades (featured above) Tidal Rave, it’s a shimmery teal, but don’t get scared at either the mention of shimmer or teal! This cream shadow is a really nice balance of shimmer, it’s not too glittery or filled will chunky glitter. The shimmer is sophisticated and flattering for all ages. The teal, while it looks a little dark in the pot, it’s easily applied very lightly and gives you a soft wash of color  with the potential for layering if you’d like to take it deeper for a night look.

The only disadvantage I find with creaseless creams is that the color selection is kind of dull (tidal rave excluded) for my taste, but let’s face it, most woman aren’t looking for a palette of the brightest pigments on the market, so if you’re looking for something quick, simple, and that will stay with you through the day. Creaseless Creams should be on your shopping list. =)

*I believe the shade Tidal Rave is exclusive to Sephora.