Usually I would spend a day off cleaning, but it just so happens that I just finished a round of deep cleaning and I’ve been pretty tidy the last couple of days, so there weren’t really many chores to be done.

So with all cleaning out of the way I had to make a plan for just what I would be doing with this day, because goodness knows I’m not the sort who can curl up and watch movies all afternoon… not if I’m going to stay in a reasonably good mood. I can say that at the beginning of the day I felt like I might be able burrow down, but then the voice of reason (my friend, whom we’ll from now on be referring to as Mr. Grown Up) reminded me that I would be much happier if I got out for a while.

So out I went, my intention was to stop by a thrift store I noticed a couple days ago and look for random kitchen things, however, the thrift store turned out to be full of… well denim mostly. Rows and rows of blue jeans as far as the eye could see, and as I wasn’t in the market for new jeans, I decided to take my chances in a little store called Big Lots. This wasn’t my first venture into a Big Lots, but it’s been many, many, years since I’ve been into one and I’ve never been into this particular location.

In an effort to fill the afternoon and for your viewing pleasure, I give you: Weird Things I Found In Big Lots.