Sorry Hayden, if it's warm enough for shorts, the UGGS need to go.

I find it extremely funny that in Texas, at the first sign of cooler weather, people start pulling out their winter wardrobe. It’s also entertaining that I can find room to be smug about this considering I wear jackets year round (I GET COLD OK!).

The trouble is that bringing out the winter-wear has started happening earlier and earlier to the point where now we have people wearing things like UGGS in the middle of the summer. Not only does this not make even the slightest bit of sense, it’s also UGGly. I don’t get it.

If you must wear furry foot-wear in regions that never seen snow, have the dignity to at least wait until it’s actually reasonably cold! And for heaven’s sake, don’t wear said furry foot-wear with shorts!

I think this pretty much seals the deal, I’m officially becoming a grown up.