Happy Monday morning!  I watch a lot of makeup video tutorials, but I never do them myself, video tutorials are just not my calling, however, I do believe you can learn quite a bit from them. At this point there are a bazillion (yes, I said bazillion) of them and it can be a bit frustrating finding the ones that are worth watching, so to help us all out, I’m going to start using my Monday mornings to feature a video tutorials on my blog that have some useful tricks and tips.

This morning I’m featuring a “drag” video tutorial by YouTube’s famed “pixiwoo”.  Don’t be too distracted by the word drag, keep in mind that drag makeup is all about changing the shape of the face and being stagey. If you’re interested in costume makeup (hello it’s October), in stage, theater, or in contouring, you can gain some helpful information from this tutorial. You can apply the same ideas you learn here to your everyday look to get the shape changing effect, without being as dramatic. =)