Lush Bath Bombs (picture borrowed with love from

Not that I need an excuse to have fancy baths because lord knows I love some fancy in my life, but lately I’ve been achey (due largely to the fact that I’ve been cleaning non-stop since I got back to The Big D) and needed some soaking. Perfect time to try new bath bombs from Lush!

I tend to have dry skin, especially my body, so the Butter Ball came highly recommended to me. Smelling of vanilla musk, this little ball is full of bits of coco butter that melt into your bath and ylang ylang oil to make your skin soft and supple.

As good as all of that sounds, I was a little less than thrilled with this bath bomb, but it’s not Butter Balls fault really. I’m a frills kind of girl, and this is a small beige bath bomb that melts away in a blink of an eye, and even though it did make my skin smooth and hydrated, I found myself… bored in my bath (GASP)!  This is, obviously, only a personal problem. If you’re like me and watch to be entertained while in the tub, my recommendation: don’t pass on the butter ball, think of it as a bath side show instead of the main event. Use it as a moisturizing boost to your favorite bubble bar, on a second try I really enjoyed it with the Comforter Bubble Bar!

Next up, the Twilight bath bomb… lovelovelovelovelovelovelove it! I’m one of those people who’s highly effected by scents that are supposed to help you sleep and this guy knocks me out like a light! Best before bed bath ever (say that 5 times fast…)! You’ve got Tonka Absolute (smells kind of like vanilla, but different), Lavender oil, and ylang ylang, it smells absolutely heavenly, and your bathroom still smells good the next morning. Oh and did I mention that it turns the bath water purple and sparkly. Um, PURPLE and SPARKLY. This bath bomb should have been named after me. =)