Broken doll Halloween 2009 assisted by Gaberial Quentero

Halloween is by far one of my favorite makeup times… Not that I’m reserved the rest of the time, but Haloween gives me permission to do all of the fun things that I can’t normally get away with, even in Makeup Land.

This year I’m still tweaking my costume ideas, but I can promise you there will be pictures.

In the past I’ve always done really bright shiny, covered in glitter, costumes, however last year I had the opportunity to do a lot of different costumes and for the first time I gave way to a slightly darker urge and did a vampire. This opened a door way I had not explored.

I’m not interested in covering myself in fake blood and doing bruising makeup, but sometimes a little twisted is a lot of fun on the artistry end. Doing shadow and contour on the face, sinking eyes, basically doing the opposite of everything I do on a daily basis. It’s just plain fun.

Halloween 2009 Vampire

The vampire was my first attempt at the “dark arts”, so to speak, and I think this year I’m going to give it another shot… just not as a vampire. Goodness knows there will be enough Bella Swan post- vampire transformations running around as it is.

Since this look was a bit rough as it was my first shot, I’m hoping to improve on it a lot this year.

Comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. =)