Another Ben Nye shadow experiment...

So yesterday I dove in head first with the new shadows and ladies and gentlemen I’m pleased to announce that I’m a fan.

In this photo you’ll notice the shocking lack of glitter, this was one occasion I was so pleased with the effect of the actual shadow that I didn’t think adding glitter was necessary… which is saying A LOT.

The pigment is good, the texture is good, The shadows blend easily. I’m a happy camper. The only con I can muster up (at least right now) is that it is a bit tricky finding a brush that wants to work with the pigment. I’ve found that natural brushes do the best job, so if you’re a synthetic brush user, you might consider giving some natural brushes a chance.

Handsome Brad

In other news, my guilty pleasure just got a whole lot guiltier. ABC is bringing back Brad Womack (the dude who didn’t pick anyone, for those who don’t watch) for a second round and “chance to find love” and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Maybe it was because he’s an Austin resident, or the fact that at least he was being honest, but I wasn’t horrified when the show ended and Brad chose to leave with no one. Deanna was my pick, but in the end, it seemed like Mr Womack had actually managed to bring a little reality to reality tv.

I will be gleefully tuning in to watch handsome Brad on the new season of The Bachelor, that is for sure!