First Ben Nye experience

Yesterday I used a bunch of the new Ben Nye Products I got, but what I want to talk about is the Aqua glitter.

My First impression is… well… not thrilled. I’m not giving this product a definite thumbs down yet, though. I feel like I need more time to play with it, and tweak my technique with it.

Standard glitter protocol for me consists of a gel based glitter product (glitter gels, glitter liner) of a clear gel base (most often clean mascara or brow gel) to adhere loose glitter over eyeshadow. The reason I use gel is that it doesn’t move or smudge the powder shadows under it and it doesn’t crease. This is not the case with the Aqua glitter, which is a glitter glue. The glue is a looser consistency than the gel bases and is a little tricky to handle because it moves the shadow around a little bit and if you blink too soon, it will crease.

I’m optimistic that I can find a way around these issues though, so you can expect more on this subject eventually. I still recommend the product, especially for body use, because the glitter stays on fabulously and offers a really pretty reflect, it’s not dull at all (which can often be the case with glitters in liquids), just use them carefully!