My growing collection of sparkly Sephora Shadows

All that glitters is not gold… but I’ll probably like it anyway!

By now it shouldn’t be shocking that I love things with glitter in them, in fact, it should be so so not shocking that it’s absolutely ordinary. So naturally when Sephora reformulated their eye shadows and the range included some super sparkly ones, you better believe I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them.

I believe the reformulation happened about a year ago, or so, and I’ve been slowly collecting since then. Slow only because, well let’s face it, I have to spread the love around and buy other cosmetics as well, and since I’ve moved to Dallas a good portion of my income has gone straight to Lush. =)

Onto the basic review and then some tips…

Sephora glitter shadows: Pros

  • wide range of shades in bright hues and more natural ones
  • sturdy packaging
  • The glitter is mixed throughout the shadow and not just on the top layer
  • good quality glitter with a decent amount of shine
  • shadows can be used wet or dry
  • I haven’t found them to crease
  • *potential for good pigment pay off (say that 3 times fast)

Sephora glitter shadow: Cons

  • as is the case with all glitter shadows it gets everywhere while you’re applying it
  • the immediate pigment payoff is only decent
  • because of the texture of the shadow you’re limited on the type of brush you can use with them.

Pigment payoff: left- with a cream shadow stick under shadow, right- on bare skin


  1. It’s important to keep in mind that, while I did list the shadow getting all over you as a con, this is something that you have to pretty much come to expect from glitter shadows and adjust your routine if you intend to wear them.  I encourage people to always apply eye makeup before you do complexion. Shadow fallout can happen with any shadow, but will absolutely happen with loose pigments and glitter shadows. It’s just much safer to do your eyes first, clean up the mess and then apply complexion. The best applications start out messy. =)
  2. Let’s revisit *potential for good pigment payoff. The shadow (fairy princess #30) on the back of my hand in the picture to the right is the exact same shadow.  Using a cream base, whether you’re applying the shadow right to primer or over a cream shadow, will give you much better pigment payoff. It also keeps things cleaner because it helps the glitter stay put. Applying to bare skin will still give you some pigment, but you’ll have a lot more fallout.

Sephora shadow: Fairy Princess #30

3. You’ll have yourself a lot of frustration and mess if you use a flat, synthetic brush with these and all glitter shadows and press the pigment onto the eye lid rather than using a typical, natural hair brush and sweeping it across the lid. If you use that sweeping motion with a glitter shadow, you’ll basically just be sweeping the shadow off of your eye and onto your face. Pressing helps build pigment and set the shadow in a way that keeps it on until you are ready to take it off.

4. If you do decide to use these shadows wet (which also aids in making less of a mess), start by wetting your brush not the shadow. Choose one side of the shadow to be your “wet side” and leave the other side untouched for occasions when you’d prefer to use the shadow dry.

I created this look using my collection of Sephora shadows (which includes some mattes and shimmers). I definitely recommend checking out their range of shadow, whether or not you’re interested in glitter. For $12 you have a lot of color and finish to choose from and the end results are really nice.

Now go have fun… and send me pictures!