Pardon the gap… a family emergency kept me from posting. Anyway…

I will say, being creative is difficult when you’re trying not to go overboard with red lips. It’s tricky.

Less shocking red...

For this look I went fairly classic. Neutral eye, black liner, understated complexion. I wasn’t really in the mood for carrying a bright, bold, red, however, so instead I added a peach toned gloss on top to soften it. ( I would love to be able to give product specifics on these guys, but I had to leave town for said family emergency and simply cannot remember what I used.) Adding a lighter gloss to a bright red is a nice way of getting the effect of a red without having to let your lips walk through the door before you do.

Not an awesome picture, but yesterday was a long day. I opted for a red Tokidoki stain with a little gloss over it instead of a power red so that I could try out Kat Von D’s new Adora- Love and Fury palette, which is very, very smokey. I call this cheater red because it doesn’t really look red, it looks more pink… especially in this picture.

I’ll try to get some smiling pictures soon =).