Stay-at-home red! This is also a good example of a real naked face. I applied moisturizer, mascara, and gloss and that's it!

Yesterday was my day off and I had errands to run. I had a hair appointment at 10am, the Whole Foods, then a Target stop.

Needless to say, this was not a scenario in which red lips fit in, at least not with much grace. Would I have to waste a perfectly good day of girl-next-door cuteness on red lips? No need to fear, gloss is here!

A red gloss is the perfect way to give your casual look a little pop… and when I say gloss I’m not talking about Bloodwork by NARS ladies!

Blaze by Smashbox

What you want to use is a sheer red gloss or stain, but I lean more towards the gloss. Stains these days are getting pretty intense and the effect for this kind of red should be very subtle!

A sheer red gloss lights up your face just a little and gives you a little color without making you look made up, which is almost unavoidable with all other applications of red lip color. The gloss I chose is Smashbox’ lip enhancing gloss in Blaze, which I believe has been discontinued, unfortunately. However, there are a lot of gloss options if you’re interested in trying this kind of look.

Just a few examples…