I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of red lips… on myself at least. I’m an eyes girl through and through (which should be obvious by now). However, due to some things going on at work, and in the spirit of adventure, I’ll be wearing red lipstick for the next 14 days and doing my best to make each experience different.

It seemed only fitting to kick things off with what I believe is a more classic look when it comes to wearing red lips. The “rule” (as if anything is set in stone when it comes to cosmetics) is that when you wear a strong lip, it’s best to keep your eyes understated, focusing mostly on liner and mascara.

Notice I said “understated” and not  “bare“. You may read or hear bare, what you’re looking at may even look bare, but trust me it’s not.  In makeup language naked or bare is never really either of those things, and it fact, in most cases lose looks require more product than some dramatic looks do.  It’s best when doing a “nude” eye to use at least two soft shadows, one very similar to the shade of your skin, and one slightly deeper for contouring.  Enough about eyes…

What I’m wearing: MAKE UP FOREVER Rouge Artist Intense in Moulin Rouge… and that is all.

I find that with red lips the best approach is the most simple. Lining can be tricky because you don’t want to go mixing reds, if you need a liner to prevent feathering or bleeding, I strongly recommend either going with a reverse liner (clear and created specifically for this purpose) or a liner that matches your natural lip color. I applied the lipstick with a brush, which I also consider a must for wearing red. It allows you to build the color and shape the lip without getting to much pigment right from the start.

As for this specific lipstick. I’m impressed with this new line of lipsticks from MAKE UP FOREVER. As usual with this line, the shade range is huge (50 shades all together I believe) in every shade you could imagine (including black and purple). There are a few pearly shades, but most are matte finish and wear extremely well. If you’re a person who’s very concerned with a hydrated feel, or you have very dry lips, it’s likely that you wont enjoy these lipsticks as much. While they do tend to feel a little dry, what I can say is that I’ve worn other matte formulas that feel MUCH more dry than these.  If you’re passionate about long wear, these will get you there, just be aware that when going for long wearing you compromise that hydrated feel.

Some tips:

  • Red is a statement color, don’t think you can wear it without being noticed. =)
  • You can’t have a fling with red lips, they are a commitment. Reapplication (even with long wearing lip color) is required.
  • Red lipstick will stain your lips, be ready with a lip exfoliator when you take it off!