I haven’t done glitter in a while, which is kind of shocking, but even for someone as enamoured of glitter as me, there are times you need a break. Wearing glitter is work, there’s a lot of clean up that has to be done, there’s a lot of prep to take care of so that you don’t just end up with glitter all over your face, and the truth is, it’s hard on your eyes, it’s a lot of texture on some very delicate skin!

Anyway, yesterday I decided to end my glitter hiatus with a bang. As is usually when I start applying glitter, I have it in my head at the beginning that this time I’m only going to use a little, and before I know it, my whole eye is covered in it.

I had intended to do a glitter rainbow, but at first I hadn’t expected it to take up the entire space of my lid! I just loved the colors so much that I couldn’t stop myself.  These are samples of a few of the glitters http://www.glittergaloreandmore.com was kind enough to send me (it was like Christmas) and I cannot say enough how awesome these glitters are. If you want a full range of color in a quality glitter, look no further. These glitters give lots of shine, are a great weight for a cosmetic glitter and are very reasonably priced!

Rainbow eye!

Pay no attention to the brows, they weren’t done yet. I meant to take pictures after I got home from work yesterday, but I was exhausted and forgot. After a full day of wearing that much glitter, once you’re home you pretty much just want it off.

Also, before I left for work, I touched up the red that you can barely see at the lash line. It was the first color I applied and so as I layered it became a little less visible. It looked even more glittery with the red showing up.