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I’ve definitely been on a beans and lentils kick lately… which, you know, out of everything in the world there is to eat, I think is a pretty good thing to get on a “kick” about. I’ve prepared them just about every way that you can at this point.

It’s become my habit to make a big pan of black beans and lentils together and then divide and freez them and use them a little at a time for different dishes.

Usually when I cook them I like to toss in various spices, red onion, and some garlic. I’m not even going to bother trying to list which spices because it’s pretty random and mostly depends on my mood.

So far my favorite preparation comes down to two dishes: black bean and lentil “burgers” and black beans and lentils over rice (with a little sausage thrown in).

I once watched a news report on a new movement of non-meat eaters, they were referring to themselves as “flexatarians” because they eat meat “sometimes”. I feel that this is an accurate picture of the way I eat meat, because it really is only sometimes. I don’t have anything against eating meat except that I feel in general we eat way too much of it, and that when I do eat meat I’d rather it be free range or cage free.

Anyway, I’m still tweaking these bean and lentil burgers. My first round I added some Parmesan cheese and bread crumbs, used a biscuit cutter to shape them, and they held together pretty good, but I have a feeling that if I’d have somehow used some egg in that mixture it would have worked out a little better. I’d also, for some reason I can’t quite explain, like to add some red pepper to the mix as well.

The beans/lentils/rice/sausage combo is by far my favorite as of right now (I’ll be having some for lunch actually). I’m kind of particular about food combinations, there aren’t many casseroles that I enjoy (shepherds pie is one I find particularly nasty… sorry Kaylan). But for some reason if it involves rice and bowl we seem to be alright. This little dish is really satisfying, and especially nice for work lunches because a little gives you a lot of fuel and it’s easy to pack because it only requires one dish and doesn’t have to be separated.

Hopefully by next Thursday morning I’ll have food to talk about that isn’t beans and lentils, but considering that they’re a PrettySmart food choice, don’t be surprised if you see them a lot on my blog.