I’ve been putting a lot of energy into writing the second part of my entry about body image, I want to get it right and I am researching a lot of different things… sorry it’s been slow.

In the meantime, expect some short entries and reviews…

Today I want to talk about Dermadoctor Physical Chemistry facial scrub.

This scrub is crack, crack for you face and I’m not even joking. If I could buy a gallon sized tub of it and would and dunk my face in it and scrub to my heart’s content everyday… but that’s not necessary.

Microdermabrasion + multi-acid peel = a face that looks and feels brand new! Baby-bottom-brand-spankin’-new.

I’m not particularly fond of scrubs in general, I’ve got fairly sensitive skin, and scrubbing usually doesn’t do much but turn me red and make me peel, which sucks a lot. Especially when you’re having to put makeup on over that peely skin everyday. Gross.  I’ve tried sugar, salt, walnut chunks, apricot pit chunks… you name it. I hated them all and swore off of scrubs and brushes that scrub too hard… and then I met Physical Chemistry.

I don’t know if it’s the perfectly spherical man-made beads or the buffered glycollic, but somehow, this little jar produces straight magic on my face. It makes my skin so impossibly smooth, and gives it such a wonderful surface for makeup application, I want to use it everyday in spite of the instruction only to use twice a week. Since I’ve started using it, I’ve seen all around improvement to the texture and clarity of my skin, my pores are less noticeable, and I break out less often.

It’s important to realize, at this point, that I have been using the product AS DIRECTED for 3 weeks. Definitely you see improvements to the texture of your skin after the first use, but don’t expect to use this product twice and see all of that.  Once again I remind you, your skincare isn’t going to leap from the sink, spread it’s self on your face and scrub you down with no effort whatsoever from you. If you aren’t committed to using it the way it’s recommended AND FOR AS LONG AS IS RECOMMENDED. Do everyone a big favor and shop for skincare at Wal-mart.

I ❤ Dermadoctor Physical Chemistry.

The end.