Cat eye #1

One of the greatest challenges for me as an artist has been learning to do a proper cat eye.  The cat eye is particularly difficult because there’s no one way to do it right. The type of wing you are doing depends on the look you’re going for (the wing can angle up, it can curve up, it can be straight) and the eye-shape you’re working with.

There’s also the problem of getting both sides even, which is much more obvious (if uneven) than uneven shadow is.  Thanks to my dear friend and collegue, Robert, I’ve learned some tricks that help me along, though I’d hardly say that I have it nailed so far. However I thought I’d post my accomplishments thus far and what I used.

In cat eye number one I used: Smashbox Photo Finish eye primer, Make Up Forever Star Powder #, a turquoise shadow from Kat Von D‘s shadow pallete Memento Mori, Stila matte brown shadow in Java,‘s loose glitters in Mermaid and Bronze, Nars Liner brush #6, Lorac On Screen Duo cream liner in Fame & Fortune,  Guerlain black liquid Liner, and last I used Stila’s Major Major Lash mascara in black.

One of the helpful tips Robert gave me was to my wing from the outside instead of trying to line normally (from the inside out). It gives you more control over the angle of your wing and also gives you a better chance of getting it to match on the other side!

cat eye #2

For cat eye #2 I used: Smashbox Photo Finish eye shadow primer, Make Up Forever Flash Color in white, Benefit Blush in Throbbb (yes, on my eye), Make Up Forever red eye shadow #99, Make Up Forever purple shadow #92, loose glitter in Cut Gold, Reflecks glitter in Silver (I mixed the two together), Nars liner brush #6,  Lorac On Screen Duo cream liner in Fame & Fortune, Guerlain liquid eye liner, and Kat Von D’s High Frequency mascara in Lucifer.

Another good tip for getting your wing at the right angle is to try to angle it towards where your brow ends. If you angle it out further than that (unless you’re going for Cleopatra-style straight wings) it will throw off the balance of your lid and eyebrow.

cat eye #3

For the baby cat eye I used:  Smashbox Photo Finish eyeshadow primer, Make Up Forever purple eye shadow #92,  The Balm Shady Lady dark blue shadow in Risque Renee,’s loose glitter in Cut Gold, Smashbox arched liner brush #21, Lorac On Screen Duo cream liner in Fame & Fortune, Guerlain liquid liner, and Givenchy Phenomen’eyes Mascara.

Last tip, I use cream first because it’s easier to control than liquid (and the tip of a pencil is often too thick), I go back over the cream liner with the liquid to give it a really dark look.