Don't do it.

Previously I spoke about Dallas women and their love of accessories, and I envied their ability to accessorize just about anything. However, so in awe was I,  I didn’t speak to those instances where they shouldn’t accessorize.

Also, in a past entry I discussed why wearing gym clothes for any occasion other than being in the gym is something that should be prohibited by law… or at least fashion law, that is.

Today I come to discuss the two together and the delicate art of knowing when to stop when it comes to accessories.

Recently I was witness to what might have been one of the most tragic fashion faux pas I’ve ever seen. A young lady, probably about 17 years-old I would guess, was out doing her shopping in her workout gear. For this alone I would have excused her (I guess) because she’s young. What rung the death knell on this particular ensemble was the presence, in the midst of so much gym clothing, of a rather large, chunky, silver chain necklace adorned with an equally large (and when I say large, think the size of a small person’s hand) animal tooth of some sort.

At this time if you need to take a moment to recover from the shock, please feel free to do so before reading on.

This was honestly one of the most confusing things I’ve ever seen. I still don’t understand, did she stand in front of her mirror before going out and think, “Hm, these running shorts and over-sized t-shirt seem a little drab, what are they missing? Oh I know! A giant tooth necklace, of course!”

I have difficulty imagining an outfit for which this necklace would be appropriate, but it seems that it should be painfully obvious that it didn’t belong with this outfit.

At this point I feel I have no other choice but to quote Coco Chanel when she said,

“When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on.”

While I don’t live by the fashion gospel according to Chanel, she did know a thing or two and I feel like this is pretty sound advice to follow when using accessories. Although, perhaps for Dallas women, the rule should be to take off the last 3 things they put on.  Following this rule of thumb would certainly have paid of for the young lady wearing the large tooth.

In my previous entry about body image I mentioned working with what you’ve got… everything you put on, accessories included, should be a compliment to your body and your personality.  Your accessories should not upstage you… and in general, jewelry featuring teeth of any kind should be avoided.

*My apologies to the young lady shopping if the necklace was a keepsake from her deceased Saber Tooth Tiger pet.