Ali Bachelorette 2010 photo cred to

I suppose I should know better than to expect much from trashy reality TV, but come on people… it’s still TV and while the Bachelor/Bachelorette loves their shots of their contestants applying their own makeup and contemplating their feelings in the bathroom of their mansion, I know there’s some professional touching up going on!

Why then, was I more bothered by the eye shadow fallout on Ali’s false lashes that was obvious every time she blinked, than the fact that she didn’t send both Creepy Voice Dude and The Wrestler home (C’mon Ali, even Jake had the nerve to do that).

I looked high and low for a picture that captured the fallout, but apparently it’s too recent. If you’re unfamiliar, what I mean by fallout is shadow that has fallen from your brush onto your lashes or the top of the cheeks. The top of the cheeks is a more common problem. However, it can also get into lashes.

This tends not to be a huge problem, because if you’ve done your homework you know to do your eyes before complexion and then you can just brush the excess shadow off of our lash and clean up. Not so simple, unfortunately, if you don’t know that when applying a false lash, you need to do it last.

For whatever reason, false lashes grab and hold pigment when it falls into them, this is why it’s crucial to wait until all eye makeup, including LINER, is done before you apply the false lash. Everything looks better when the lash goes on last. I assume that most people want to do it first so they don’t risk messing anything up because they might have to peel off the lash and start over if it doesn’t get placed just right. All I have to say about that is, if you can’t do it right the first time, don’t do it at all. Which I realize sounds a bit harsh, but it’s the truth. Practice ahead of time and do it right.

And ABC I expect more from the makeup artists you employ… even for reality tv.