These pictures look hopelessly bland, but the food, I assure you was not… and I haven’t been to the grocery store since Friday, which is a major accomplishment for me!

Polenta, black beans, and lentils

This is from a couple nights ago. Chunks of polenta with black beans and lentils. The polenta recipe is one of my favorites, I believe it’s Alton Brown’s and I got it from the food network.

I soaked the black beans over night and then started them first in veggie broth, then about 20 minutes in I added the lentils and cooked it all together with salt, pepper, a little garlic and red onion.

The result, while not colorful, is quite tasty and very satisfying. It’s good lunch food for work. I’m thinking about using the last of the leftovers to make veggie burgers with.

Just as an aside, I’m not vegetarian… I eat meat sometimes, for some reason I just really enjoy vegetarian food… and not having to wonder if the meat I’m preparing is cooked through or not. =)

Corn pudding and baked apples

Next up we have corn pudding and baked apples, I was craving sweeter foods that day.

There are about a bazillion corn pudding recipes out (yes, I am going to use the word bazillion all the time now.) there and they all seem pretty good. Given that I was determined not to go to the store, I used a combination of several different recipes and ended up with yummy, mushy corn, stuff. =)

For the apples, I used green apples and I didn’t peel them. I tend to like peel, but I think if I ever make them again I’ll peel them next time. The peel doesn’t cook as well as the rest of the apple and so I don’t think the taste is as pleasant as it could be.  I still really enjoyed the apples, but I found myself annoyed with peel. I used a little brown sugar on them and a tiny bit of butter and baked them. Yum-yum.