“Can you show me a good eyeliner? One that doesn’t smudge, run, or come off? Mine always comes off.”

I field this question probably 20 times a day, and not just about liner… mascara, lipstick, gloss, foundation… you name it.

Because professionally it’s not appropriate for me to be as blunt in answering this question as I’d like to  be, or really as I need to be, I wanted to take a little personal time to clue those of you who might be reading in, so that my sisters in cosmetic retail may be saved a little frustration.

  • Why does my liner/mascara come off/smudge/run? There is a very simple, very obvious answer to that question. Your eyes are wet. All day every day, whether or not you’re a cryer, or you’re eyes tend to water easily, your eyes are wet, therefore your lashes are going to get a little wet and thus your lash line will also get a little wet. Not only that but that liquid in your eye is made up of basically water and salt. Waterproof products may hold out longer but what the water wont break down, the salt eventually will. Also keep in mind that while it may be frustrating having to reapply, don’t be too quick to blame your liner! Your body is doing what it’s meant to, your eyeball doesn’t know the difference between gunk you want there and gunk you don’t, it only sees it as an irritant. My advice is, find a liner or mascara that you only have to touch up every several hours instead of every half hour and be happy that your body works to help you in spite of yourself.
  • Why does my eyeshadow disappear? Because you aren’t wearing a primer. The average person blinks 16 times a minute which in a 16 hour day that means 15360 blinks. While blinking is effortless, involuntary and something we barely notice, as far as your shadow is concerned it might as well be an earthquake. If you’re not going to use something to hold it on, you can expect with that much movement that pigment will eventually be swept away.
  • Why Does my foundation come off? Because you touch your face. You do… you might not realize it, but you do. You touch your face a million times a day… scratch an itch, talk on the phone, hug someone, rub your temples, change clothes, the list goes on and on. And every little touch takes a little foundation with it. Not to mention the fact that one of the main ingredients in liquid foundation is water and water evaporates. First thing, know the difference between “vanished” and “not as obvious as when I first applied it”. It’s like the people who think their fragrance has faded completely away because they’ve stopped being able to smell it after a few hours. When you think your foundation is “completely gone”, I challenge you to pick up a makeup removing wipe and take a swipe at your face, if it comes back completely clean, I want to know what kind of foundation you’re using because it’s magic.  If you expect your products to look just applied all day, you will have to reapply them all day.
  • Why does my lipstick/gloss come off? You lick your lips and talk. Enough said.

So there you have it. =)

And then there is this… just for fun…