Aqua Cream shadow from Make Up Forever and Tangerine Glitter from

I love glitter, I wear a ton of glitter at work. I get a lot of questions about how I’ve applied glitter, how it feels, all kinds of things.

So this morning to the tune of Ray LaMontagne’s Hey Me, Hey Mama, I’m going to post my FAQ’s on all things glitter.  If I miss any of your questions, feel free to email me or to post comments asking and I’ll be more than happy to answer them for you.

Smashbox cream liner in Putty, Smashbox shadow in Serpent, and glitter in Tink

Q.: Where do you get your glitter?

A.: At this point 50% of my glitter is from Make Up Forever (You can order it from and the other 50% comes from glittergaloreandmore.

As I said in this post, not all glitter is the same. You can’t just run to the first craft store you can find and throw some glitter… or at least you shouldn’t! Cosmetic glitters are cut in a special way, and weighted so that they are both safe and comfortable to wear. So far, I’ve found Make Up Forever and to be the best in terms of wearability and selection (see above mentioned post for more details).

Tarina Tarentino shadow in Tokyo Hardcore, Sephora Shadow in Must have black, Urban Decay glitter liner in Spandex, glitters in Tink and bright yellow

Q.: How do you get your glitter to stick/ How do you apply glitter?

A.: The answer here isn’t magic, just in case you were wondering. =)

Applying glitter as the main event and not just as a side-show takes a little more work, but not much.  All you really need is something sticky… there are a lot of products that work well for this! The ones I use the most are: Sephora glitter liners, Urban Decay glitter liners, Make Up Forever Mist and Fix, and Make Up Forever Eye Seal. The easiest, I feel, to start with is the Mist and Fix. Start your eyes before the rest of your face, do whatever you’re going to do to your eyes, mist your eyes with Mist and Fix, lightly mist a shadow brush and pick up the glitter and pat it onto your lid. It’s as simple as that.

Urban Decay glitter line in Distortion, glitter in Aqua, and Make Up Forever discontinued graphic glitter.

Q.: Doesn’t the glitter fall in your eyes/bother you/make your lid feel heavy?

A.: No, no, and yes. I have never gotten glitter in my eyes that I can remember. Some of it definitely falls eventually, that just goes with the territory, but I can’t say that I’ve ever had an issue with it getting in my eye or that I even notice it falling. Keeping things out of your eyes is really a function that eye lashes perform rather beautifully. =) They were, after all, meant for that.  Wearing false lashes with your glitter gives you an even better shield!  As for it making your eye lid feel heavy… this much glitter is not for the casual wearer and it does feel “heavy” until you get used to it in the same way that lashes feel heavy until you get used to wearing them.

Clean Face

Q.: How do you get your glitter off?

A.: I’ve found that cream or milk cleansers work best for getting glitter off. The truth is that getting it off is a lot harder than getting it on.  Recently a friend mentioned that he’d heard someone call glitter the herpes of the craft world… and it’s true, it’s incredibly difficult to get rid of.  The skin around your eye area is pretty delicate, and the cream cleanser gives the glitter a type of slip that doesn’t make removing it feel as though you’re scratching your eye lid with sand. I start with finger tips and the cleaners and massage it onto my lids and then rinse and repeat until my face and eye lids are clean.