I read InStyle Magazine every month, I have a subscription. I don’t mean to knock them in any sort of way because I genuinely enjoy reading, however, I’ve come across something several times now that I simply do not understand.

Photo cred to Instyle Magazine

Maybe it’s just me… so I’m posting this and asking for other opinions. This little spot in the magazine asks for readers to submit pictures of how they’ve used the advice given in InStyle to “amp up” their style.

What I see is that this young lady went from looking slim and grown up, to bulky and a bit immature. I’m not sure what all this business is about wearing bows, I need to go back an issue and read the article about that, but I’m pretty sure I’m against the idea of people over the age of 10 wearing giant bows in their hair.

I’m quite confused because I am in favor of switching out pants for skirts, but the way she’s wearing this skirt, to me, looks as though she’s gained 12 pounds. Questions, comments, concerns?