Pin-up girl day at work...Hi, my name is Katie, I work in a retail cosmetic store.

I know that you don’t realize that as you become exasperated with me because after 15 shades of red I still haven’t found the right one for you, that I came to work today after having spent two hours looking for a pretty sundress, because I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and after two hours of searching, I came out disappointed and empty-handed, and now I have the great pleasure of assisting you in picking out your perfect shade of lipstick.

I also understand that after an entire day of shopping you might forget that I’m human and not a robot. Sometimes I may not be able to find what you’re looking for as quickly as you’d like, sometimes I wont be able to find it at all. I understand that you forget that I have feelings, so you may not be aware that when you vent your frustrations about stocking issues on me (which I have absolutely no power to control) that it affects my day.

I can serve you with a smile because I know that it’s impossible for you to know that, while I’m wearing this headset, and being an example of perfectly applied eyeliner, my real passion is for writing, art, and music. That I enjoy doing new and adventurous things. Or that weighing on my mind while I make your fragrance samples is the fact that my mother is very ill, possibly dying and I have a father and 4 siblings who rely on me to be the calm voice at times, the shoulder to cry on at others.

I’m one of the lucky ones, I don’t work on commission, but some of us do, some of us depend on your sale to pay our rent, to feed our children, to give us the means to spend time living our real lives. The life that happens outside of this store.

It’s also easy to forget about that while you’re taking your time browsing after we’ve closed, often people don’t remember that while 15 minutes may not feel like that much extra time to you, that’s 15 minutes I have to wait to clean the mess you just made, to empty trashes, to refill, restock, and make everything like new for tomorrow. 15 minutes longer I have to wait to get to go out and live that life that happens outside of the store.

I understand that to you, I just sell makeup, you don’t understand the amount of education I’ve been through to hold my position, you don’t see the talent I actually have, you can’t know the stress that actually comes with having a required amount of stuff to wear on your face everyday. You can’t possibly see how absolutely exhausting it is to deal with people like yourself all day long, and to know that tomorrow I’ll wake, put a smile on my face, and do it all again.

I know that if you understood these things, that you wouldn’t treat me like I’m unintelligent and insignificant, but you don’t understand, so it’s OK.