H&M sundress

This is what I want… (pictured to the right), can I find this in the mall? After 2 hours of searching, the answer is a resounding NO.

I searched every store in the mall for something on this scale and found nothing. I even went into *shudders* Forever 21. I’m sorry, but I have issues with a clothing store that wants me to spend eternity dressing the way I did  8 years ago. Geez, I was 21 8 years ago. Ouch. Anyway…

Besides hardly  having anything that remotely resembled this picture. It’s clear that this dress is a decent just above the knee-length, and everything at Forever 21 is hard pressed to reach mid-thigh length.  A girl’s got to bend over people! And showing your panties (or lack there of as the case is more often than not, see also “butt-crack jeans”) stops being cute after the age of 3.

Really H&M would it be so hard to put a location in Dallas, Texas?

Also, while I’m at it… I’d appreciate it if someone would explain to me why Macy’s feels that a dress that is, by definition, meant to wear casually out in the sun, should cost nearly $200.