Chinese Laundry Northern Lites ballet flats

I don’t work until 3 today so I’m going on a search for these shoes in a little while.

I first saw them (an open toe, more sandal-like pair) on a client , but they really grabbed my attention Wednesday night when Imogen Heap came on stage wearing a pair.

If you have seen any of my makeup photos on this blog, it should be no surprise why the glittering rhinestones under stage lights would catch my attention. You know me and things that sparkle! They were so cute though, I felt as though I needed them. It wasn’t at all a matter of want, these shoes were destined to be a part of my wardrobe.

Unfortunately the picture doesn’t do them justice, but I thank my sister, Kristin, for being the brilliant searcher that she is for finding out where (online) I could get a pair. Being the notoriously impatient person that I am, I’m going to go and try to find them in a store first, then I’ll think about purchasing online.